Bright Idea

by Cream Dream

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With their bellies full of Mickey D's, a skip their step, and a wry smile, CREAM DREAM sets forth to destroy the world. Human kind has had a good run, but it's time for better things. By listening to the heart-healthy vibrations of Big D's feather dusted, air tight, karate-chop drum sticks, Garbo Darbey's fwubby bass nugz, and the stilted shimmer of mostly useless Merckx Halfman's out-of-tune stratocaster, your soul will be sucked straight out of your eye balls. CREAM DREAM is reelin' in the big one, so be prepared. You knew it was coming.


released May 9, 2017

Garen Dorsey ~ bass and backing vocals

Daniel Richardson ~ drums

Max Hoffman ~ guitar and vocals

music and lyrics by Max Hoffman

Recorded and Mixed by Jack Richardson

Mastered by Gavin Thibodeau

Artwork by Grace Hoffman ( ) & Greg Nachmanovitch ( )



all rights reserved


Cream Dream Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: Last One
I'm always the last one to know
Track Name: Wonder Why
I find every day of life I'm living
that I am never satisfied with the things I've got going on.
I've tried asking everyone who should know
and I would double all I owe, if I could only know
what to do, who to be, and where to go
I shouldn't whine, but it's all I know,
so I will, cause I know how.

This time, I had hoped to see myself through,
but it's looking like I've got just a few more tries to get it right.
When I get myself the hell out of here, I hope I find a reason why
no one gets along, something's wrong, is it just me or us all?
You would think someone would know by now, but it seems they're not around.

We've been trying many years, doesn't seem to be getting clearer.
So why try so hard? You're just going to die anyways.

I find every day of life I'm living
that I am never satisfied with the things I've got going on.
Track Name: Not What I Ought To
I guess I know you think I'm stupid
Nobody told me how to act
I could pretend as if I knew it
Only to find it makes me sad

I've been never what I ought to and I'm feeling fine
Don't tell me what would you do cause I know that you're as confused as I
You're swimming in the deep end, and I'm floating by
Don't care about what they said, I found out it's all a lie

You seem to see something I don't
I don't believe that it's there
I want to be something you won't
Doesn't take much to make you stare

Try and ask me where I'm off to in my own spare time
I haven't got an answer, when I'm gone I go nowhere
I'm never what I ought to, shouldn't be surprised
that still I never plan to, no ones given me a reason why
Track Name: Loser
Just something new, not all I wanted
might stay with you, if I'm allowed
not that I will be

It's hard to know if I'm wasting my time with you
Cause every time it turns out that I'm wrong
No way to get my words across
Nothing to mitigate the loss

What can I do, not what you wanted
I wish I knew, but it's alright
I'm not surprised

It's hard to be so certain what it means to you
all in all I guess I just won't think about it
I'm waiting at the door
Don't want to do this anymore

Still I feel like I'm dumb, but that's okay
I wouldn't have it any other way
At least it feels a lot better to say
as if I had a choice

How can I say that you're wasting your time with me
Especially cause I wish it wasn't true
No way to get my words across
Nothing to mitigate the loss
Track Name: Nausea
My eyes tell me what's wrong, so I look away
Sleeping all the day long, trying just to escape
And they tell me it's nothing

If I gave away that I was afraid, would it still be alright
and would I stand a chance
When the world out there never has cared
could it still be worthwhile

Maybe I've got it wrong, mostly I'm fine
Lately I've been getting along, give it some more time
But don't tell me it's nothing

If I gave away that I was afraid would it still be alright
and would I stand a chance
When the world out there never has cared,
could it still be worthwhile
I don't know who to trust
my gut or my head, seems both want me dead
and I'm not sure about
what I can't figure out is
since I'm alive, and though I feel strange
could I still be happy here?
Track Name: I Might
I just don't know if I would like to be with you only
I can't believe my heart is right, so I'll have to go on
as if it wasn't there, as if it wasn't even there
If I decide to take a bite, I think I might

Just have to go, cause all I know
is this just isn't what I've been told,
to feel this way, to be in pain,
I wish I'd grow up, but it just stays

I will admit, you do delight, but I've got a mouthful
I wish I could give you my life, but I find it doubtful
that I would feel the same so many years from now
But if I do leave you behind, I think I might just lose my mind
Track Name: Prelude to a Thought
I know you're bored, I can see
I am also, but it's fine with me

I always have to wait for inspiration till it hits me
but for now I don't have much to say

What's wrong with nothing?
If it makes you cry, that's on you
I'm sick of trying just to think of things to do
If it was over now, would you be prepared?
I know one thing, nothing isn't scared like you
Track Name: Bright Idea
Rewind first time I told you I loved you
In fact it was the only time
I was asking to be crushed alive
How could I dare
Why should I care
But still I do and I just don't know why

I should forget
Believe me I've tried
I would if I could

What if I told you that I've gone months
Not thinking of you, and it felt good
But here I am, back where I started
When I felt happy, but I don't now

If only as if I
could ever forget it

What a bright idea,
put it out for everyone to hear
Maybe if I play it one more time,
that will put it off my mind for good
Track Name: Fine
I guess it will be fine
this happens all the time
at least as far as I know

Yes it's best to leave alone
so I'll just let it go
what else is there to do

Thanks for coming to the show
I just want you to know
that this is all i have for you

In the end we're all alone
so make yourself at home
what else is there to do

Half the time you're running from yourself
Can't even withstand to sit still
But if you never learn to take a breath or two
Then you'll just end up right back where you are
Track Name: 100 Miles Ahead, 1,000 Years Behind (Interlude)
bah dah
Track Name: Decline
Oh, as time passes by
I know some day we both will die

Know, that after all's re-arranged
You're still dear to me
Guess I haven't changed
Or maybe I have
But I feel the same

Though, if given the choice to stay
I would still decline
How could I want this forever