by Cream Dream

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released February 14, 2016

drums by Daniel Richardson
bass and backing vocals by Garen Dorsey
guitar and lead vocals by Max Hoffman

mixed and recorded by Ethan Gensurowsky
mastered by Dave Watkins
big thanks to both of you!

thanks to Grace Hoffman ( ) for the cover photo,
and to Lucille's Bakery for the cake!



all rights reserved


Cream Dream Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: dream
if you were right
and i was wrong,
then i've been deaming
all along.
you tell me i can't feel
the way i say i do;
maybe you're right,
but that won't save me from these thoughts of you,
what can i do?

but you were there,
i thought we shared,
or were aware,
of something,

and only you will ever know
unless you tell me so.
Track Name: snowman
my chest is open
but my heart's not bleeding.
i'm just a snowman.
i wonder what happened to me.

my guts are spilled out
all on the sidewalk,
but everything's frozen.
i'm just a snowman.
Track Name: free at last
yes, i'm free at last.
what more now?
i've been holding fast,
now i'm out.
is this really what
i wanted?
i don't even know,
i'm honest.

if i'm free can you help me?
is this how it's supposed to be?
am i free out here alone?
is that prison still my home?

yes i'm free at last,
what more now?
Track Name: kills me
she didn't even ask my name
she didn't really care who i was
i tell you i feel the same
buy you don't believe me so
i'll have to prove it to you

even if it kills me
better off without your pity
i prefer to be left alone
happier sitting in my home

she tells me i'm not to blame
she wouldn't even look in my eyes
i tell you i feel the same
but you don't believe me so
i'll have to prove it to you

and it kills me
she prefers to be left alone
happier when she's on her own

so am i you see
so it's meant to be this way
and what's killing me
is something i don't know
Track Name: show
if i could show you
just how i feel,
would i even mind
if you kept me waiting for you?
and would you arrive,
or leave me hanging?
would you be on time?
is it even worth it?

i could show you,
but is it worth my time?

if i could tell you
just how i feel,
would you even care?
would it make a difference to you?
if you were aware
could we be happy?
do i even dare?
should i just forget it?

i could tell you,
but is it worth my time?